Join the “Sue Denis” Live in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Homecare Bosses Connection Conference 2022

October 11-14, 2022,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Homecare Bosses Connection Conference 2022

October 11-14, 2022

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Unlock the Strategies and Guidance Needed to Grow and Scale Your Homecare Agency to MILLIONS in Revenue and PROFIT.


Running a profitable homecare agency is not easy.

It requires dedication, a succeed-against-all-odds attitude, and an unwavering passion for service.


Even with all these checked off and in play, turning a profit and scaling up can seem like an uphill battle. You may be caught in a cycle where your numbers look good on paper, but your profit is almost non-existent.

And if this is where you are right now, I want you to know you’re not alone.

I’ve talked to many homecare agency owners who are committed to their work but struggle to break even or see a great profit, especially those working with Medicaid clients. While fulfilling, the low payment rates from state-funded programs make it challenging to maintain profitability.

And straddling the fence between fulfilling your passion and meeting your financial needs doesn’t just add stress – it can stifle growth, keeping your agency from reaching its full potential.


I understand your challenges, goals, desires, passion, and journey.

I know you have a heart of gold and a deep passion for caring and supporting others.

And when you join us for Blueprint To Millions™, you’ll finally have a room of passionate experts supporting and looking out for you.


Blueprint To Millions is a 3-day, high-energy, transformation-inducing conference exclusively for homecare agency owners who want to fast-track their growth, hit (and blow past) their first or next million-dollar mark, and create generational wealth – all while passionately serving those who need your big heart the most.

  • You are an established homecare agency owner with a track record of success in your homecare agency

  • You want to expand your current homecare agency in multiple states.

  • You are ready to create multiple income streams within your homecare agency to have true time and money freedom finally.

  • You are ready to explode your visibility online and boost your REVENUE & PROFIT.

  • You currently serve Medicaid clients and aim to attract private-pay clients to increase your revenue and sales in the online space

  • You are ready to skyrocket your marketing and increase your PROFIT

  • You are currently running your agency with Medicaid clients and have a desire to learn how to get private pay clients so you can make more Profit

  • You are ready to attract more homecare clients and recruit more reliable caregivers.

  • You understand that your network is your net worth, and you are ready to network with other Homecare Bosses ready to improve the world.

There’s No Recession for Homecare Agencies

Whether you’ve been running your homecare agency for years or you’re just getting started – there are millions in revenue waiting for you.

Millions are your BIRTHRIGHT!

During our 3 days together at the Blueprint to Millions™ Conference, I’ll tell you precisely how to claim your first (or next) million as a homecare agency owner so you can support your family and even generations to come just as you care for the individuals you selflessly serve.

Unlock the Insight You Need to Create the Wealth You Want

Your seat at the Blueprint to Millions™ 3-Day Conference includes an all-access pass to everything you need to know to grow and scale a million-dollar homecare agency:

Mindset For MILLIONS!!

The true key to success lies in understanding that even the best strategies will fall short without the right mindset and alignment. On Day 1, you will discover how to silence limiting beliefs and become a visionary thinker. Through hands-on learning activities, you’ll delve into each principle and immediately apply it to your life and business to RAISE YOUR FLOOR. Whatever level of success you are experiencing right now is just your beginning, and you need to RAISE YOUR FLOOR.


The right marketing message and strategy will bridge the gap between your agency and the community you serve, building undeniable trust and a reputation as a reliable provider of quality care.

While the demand for homecare providers is high, learning innovative and compelling ways to market your services will keep YOU in demand. Get the marketing insight needed to bring in MILLIONS to your homecare agency.



“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” If you’ve never heard this African proverb, it emphasizes how vital teamwork is in achieving long-term success. Understanding the how, who, and when building a team won’t simply add to your agency’s strengths – it will multiply them. Discover how to build your winning office team and chart your course to MILLIONS!

Multiplying your MILLIONS!!

In Genesis 1:26, God-Jehovah gave us the mandate to multiply. A lot of times, we think that pertains to only children, but it pertains to everything that your hands findeth to do. Once you make millions, you have not arrived yet. It’s your duty to be a good steward of what God has given you and multiply it.

Uncover proven ways to multiply your revenue and profit. Set ambitious goals and take a strategic approach to achieve financial success all while making a significant impact on your clients.

Protecting Your MILLIONS!!

Discover expert insights and strategies to safeguard your wealth in an ever-changing financial landscape. This will allow you to create a legacy that transcends generations. Don't miss this opportunity to fortify your financial future.

The bottom line is this: You will NOT leave the Blueprint to Millions™ 3-day conference the same way you arrived. See, you’ll leave equipped with invaluable insights and strategies to transform your agency.

You'll walk away with a notebook full of secrets to generating consistent income every month, mastering the art of attracting lucrative private pay clients, and fast-tracking your agency’s growth.

Meet the Creators of Blueprint to Millions™ and Your Host

Meet the Creators of Blueprint to Millions™ and Your Host

We are Enock and Sue Denis, the Homecare Millionaires Mentors, Homecare Bosses United founders, and Blueprint to Millions hosts.

With over a decade of experience in the home health care industry, we know the ins and outs of building a successful home care agency. We know what it takes to get to MILLIONS, and we know what it takes to find the right support and build a care team that’s deeply committed to the people they’re caring for.

In fact, we have helped some of our students go from a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year to Millions in just a short few years.

And to date, the information and strategies we teach have taken over 300 new homecare bosses from total newbies to successful and trusted agency owners. I've also helped 150 established homecare agency owners transform into profitable, scalable homecare bosses with a clear path to millionaire status.

But there’s more to this than money. It’s about providing resources to people who are suffering, vulnerable and need caregivers to help get them through the day. It’s about supporting your local community, providing jobs and offering a service that’s only going to become more in demand.

Join me on April 8-11, 2025,

in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,

...for Blueprint To Millions™ and learn how to start, grow, and scale your homecare agency, how to get predictable income month after month, how to land private-pay clients, and how to fast-track your agency to million-dollar status.

Click below to secure your seat. But listen, space is limited, so if you don’t want to experience FOMO (fear of missing out), sign up now.

Let Us Show You the Same Love You Show to Others

The reality is that you do a lot for other people and the clients you serve. Today, we’re urging you to choose to attend the Blueprint To Millions™ for YOU.

Success is undoubtedly your birthright. And we’re committed to showing you how to achieve it.

To register, simply choose from the ticket options below:

Early Bird Pricing


Regular Price: $1,000

or 4 payments of $275  $225

  • 3-Day General Admission Pass

  • Million Dollar Homecare Agency Blueprint

  • Networking with other Homecare Bosses

  • Beautifully Designed Printed Workbook and Action Plan

  • Pre-Event Work

  • Pre-Event Intention Setting Group Session

  • 1:1 Make it to MILLIONS call with one of our coaches

  • Exclusive Invitation to the all-purple Royal Millionaire Praise Party

  • Instant Access for 30 days to our Marketing Course on how to get more Private Pay Clients so you can start getting clients before the conference

  • Access to Virtual Event After Party

Early Bird Pricing


Regular Price: $1,000

or 4 payments of $275  $225

Early Bird Pricing


Regular Price: $2,000

or 4 payments of $525  $415

All general ticket offerings, PLUS ...

  • 3-Day All Access VIP Pass

  • Access to 1/2 Day Private Training with Sue and Friends

  • Special VIP Swag Bag

  • Priority VIP seating behind Platinum

  • Early VIP Access

  • (4) Monthly Pre-Event Coaching Sessions

  • Business Makeovers with Sue & Enock Denis

  • VIP Breakfast and Lunch on all 3 days

Early Bird Pricing


Regular Price: $2,000

or 4 payments of $525  $415


Regular Price: $5,000

or 4 payments of $1,275  $1040

All VIP ticket offerings, PLUS ...

  • FREE Access for a month to the Homecare Millionaire Mastermind Community, an elite group of students who have access to Sue (the only way you can get direct access to Sue and her team)

  • Breakfast and Lunch for all 3 days

  • Platinum Front-Row Seating

  • Get Access to our Homecare Millionaires Mastermind for a month and get direct access to Sue and her elite students who are members of the Homecare Millionaire Mastermind. 

  • 1-on-1 Strategy Session with the Homecare Agency Dynamic Duo Sue and Enock Denis

  • Professional Brand Shoot with 2 Outfit Changes and 10 Edited Photos (will be held on Mastermind Day)


Regular Price: $5,000

or 4 payments of $1,275  $1040

Refund Policy

With any ticket purchase, there is a NO REFUND POLICY. There is no transfer of registration. NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

Day 0 (April 8)- Mastermind Day (Mastermind Day is the Bonus Day for VIP and Platinum Members)

- From 9am-5pm

Day 0 (April 8)- Millionaire Praise Party for All Attendees- from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Days 1-3 (April 9-11)

for All Attendees from 9am - 9pm

(Exact Hotel Address will be given to you after check out)

If you’re ready to fast-track your growth, hit (and blow past) that million-dollar mark, and live the life you want while also providing quality care to those who need you most, then Blueprint To Millions is precisely where you need to be from April 8 to 11, 2025.

Secure your seat now—top-level ticket options will sell out FAST!

The Last Conference Was Great, and the One YOU Attend Will Be Even Better

Before Blueprint to Millions™

  • Your cash flow is not flowing the way you want to

  • You are short-staffed and wearing multiple hats in your agency 

  • You are working long hours in your agency and don’t have time for your family

  • You are lowballing yourself

  • You can’t afford to go on a vacation because your business will fall apart, or you don’t trust your team to carry the torch.

After Blueprint to Millions™

  • You will have a clear strategy for growing and scaling your homecare agency and maximizing your profit.

  • You will know exactly who to hire to help you uplevel your business at your current financial stage and how to maximize your team member potential for maximum productivity.

  • You will understand your profit margin and KPIs.

  • You understand how to expand your agency and make an impact on a national scale. 

  • You will understand how to market your homecare agency effectively online and in person.

  • You’ll have a deeper connection with Jehovah, embody your potential, and truly know who you are and what your mandate is in the world.

  • Your life will be forever changed.

Hear How Our Last Conference Changed the Lives of Homecare Bosses

Let us teach you the tools and strategies that we know work so you can live the life you want, make the money you deserve, and provide top-notch care to those who need you most.

Because we want nothing more than to see YOU win, we’ve reserved a seat with your name on it. This is a limited-time opportunity!

Claim your seat today so you can become the next 7-figure homecare agency we brag about.

Answers to Your Lingering Questions


The conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email of your ticket purchase.If you don’t see a confirmation email from us, be sure to check your spam, junk, and promotional folders. Exact Hotel Address will be announced soon...


The conference schedule is as follow:

DATE: April 8-11, 2025

Day 0 (April 8)- Mastermind Day (Mastermind Day is the Bonus Day for VIP and Platinum Members) - From 9am-5pm

Day 0 (April 8)- Millionaire Praise Party for All Attendees - from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Days 1-3 (April 9-11) for All Attendees from 9am - 9pm

LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

(Exact Hotel Address will be given to you after check out)


All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other product or service. However, we know life happens. As a courtesy, if you purchase a ticket and can no longer attend, we will allow you to transfer the ticket to someone else until August 1, 2025.


Dress like the Homecare Boss you are (or desire to be).


If you have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected]

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The main airport to fly to is Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and the Hotel is only 15 minutes away from the airport (It’s a quick uber drive).

Staying at the hotel is your best bet, so you can connect with other homecare bosses easily and enjoy the full experience. We got you covered because we’ve secured a discounted hotel room block just for you but it is first-come, first-serve.

See Our Venue

DoubleTree Resort
by Hilton Hollywood Beach

See Our Venue

DoubleTree Resort
by Hilton Hollywood Beach